Industrial Automation
Powered by AI

Predictive Maintenance
Predict and explain failures of the equipment to prevent downtime and decrease maintenance costs
Quality Control
Predict, detect and explain quality issues in real time during production
Increase throughput and boost margins by enabling AI to control production and fine-tune automation system
Introduced by professionals
"Conundrum, a UK-based company, develops AI solutions for predictive maintenance and optimization of industrial processes.

CEO Konstantin Kiselev and CTO and co-founder Vladislav Mironov will explain the application of deep learning to create a digital twin of equipment based on data from sensors, which works like a virtual environment for synthetic data generation."
Industrial solutions
Conundrum helps industrial companies to leapfrog into Industry 4.0 by leveraging value hidden in data and introducing AI-driven technologies
Coal Coke
Our team has proven its own expertise not only in practical aspects but also by sharing the knowledge, experience and cutting-edge ideas in Deep Learning with leading universities and at the conferences in cooperation with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.

As a member of NVIDIA DLI we provide education in deep learning and AI by lectures and hands-on labs.
Technology partner
Conundrum is a participant of NVIDIA Inception program as one of the AI-first world leading companies.

NVIDIA named Conundrum as one of top 10 international companies with focus on AI.
Conundrum Industrial Limited.
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