AI-powered platform to
address new challenges of
Industry 4.0

The end-to-end solution for factories which solves the tasks of predictive maintenance, optimization and quality control

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Conundrum AI platform

Machine learning inside

Ready-to-go platform for predicting and optimisation of industrial processes.

With Conundrum platform you could use most sophisticated DeepLearning models for prediction maintenance, unit-cost optimisation, smart power consumption and logistics.

Business ready

Suitable interface for every client, every task.

With Conundrum Dashboard you could get real-time data analytics from everywhere.

Custom access for each employee.

Our experience

Chemical industry

Our experience includes chemical plant digital twin creation, predictive maintenance, unit cost process optimisation.

Factory's digital twin helps to predict final cost of the product and optimise production strategies.

Manufacturing industry

Ready-to-use instruments for production optimisation, quality control, smart logistic and power consumption.

Our product solved or solving various data science cases in pulp and paper production, steel factories and agroindustry.

Our Partners

Nvidia — technological partner

It's impossible to image DeepLearning technologies without experience in GPU.

Our team have proved it's own knowledge not only in practical aspects but also share cutting-edge deep-learning ideas inside Nvidia Deep Learning Institute. We believe in free access to knowledge.

Learn more about our lectures with Nvidia DLI.

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